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About Me



Welcome to a landing place where you can take a breath and be reminded your Heavenly Father is crazy about you and like any good parent, wants you to live a beautiful, peaceful, and successful life.


Unfortunately, life’s storms can disconnect us from this truth until it seems like an impossible dream.

Hope, joy, peace, wisdom for daily life and confidence in God’s promises are our rightful inheritance as his children.

Yet, troubles and challenges conspire against us to diminish our lives and crush our souls. We allow life’s stuff to steal the beautiful lives God wants for us. Any of these weighing you down?

  • Financial troubles

  • Chronic illness and serious diseases

  • Job loss

  • Divorce and death

  • Family conflict


We do not need to live diminished lives.

It’s time to remember who we are in Christ and reclaim any part of our inheritance life has stolen from us.

To move from stressed out to calm no matter what is swirling around us or happening in the world, so we leave a wake of peace behind us wherever we go. Like Jesus.

To shift from worried and fearful to wise and strong no matter how many voices are screaming at us that the sky is falling. Like Jesus.

To stop accepting the chaos of culture and become a force for truth and beauty, wading into the middle of life’s messes where the needy and lost live. Like Jesus.

And what qualifies me to help you with all this?

I’ve been partnering with God for decades learning how to overcome my natural inner “Eeyore” (the gloomy donkey in Winnie the Pooh).

I’ve enjoyed creating order and beauty in my world since I was a 13-year-old kid working in my family’s floral shop.

Every job I've accepted, my predecessor left a mess behind. sometimes literal piles of garbage. God helped me to restore peace and order and I enjoyed the process. 

My war to hold onto my own inner peace has been fought on battlefields of chronic illness, financial setbacks, job loss, death of loved ones and life’s general troubles. God showed me how to keep the gospel of peace  strapped firmly on my feet.


I’ve lived enough decades to recognize how easy it is to give up our riches in Christ and settle for a diminished life.

I'm so pleased you landed here where you can join me and others who long for peace and beauty in a chaotic world and more wisdom and understanding for confusing times. 

I am a wife, mother, and Nana who has enjoyed several career paths as a minister of music, floral designer, and a high school Vocal Music and English teacher.   I love studying God's Word, writing, gardening, reading, and creating order and beauty wherever I go. 

This website was created to encourage, you to keep pursuing truth and wisdom and to hold onto peace, joy and all the other beautiful stuff God gave us through Christ.

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