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About Me

So glad you're here!

Do you long for more peace in your mind and heart?  Are you struggling to stay calm in a crazy world? I used to live in a chronic state of anxiety, fear and depression.  Thank God he sent me teachers and mentors who showed me the better way, God's way.  All the secrets of peace-filled living are laid out for us in God's Word. Our part is to learn them and  walk in them.


Unfortunately, the storms of life used to disconnect me so easily from  peace until it  seemed so distant and impossible.

The truth is, hope, joy, peace, wisdom for daily life and confidence in God’s promises are our rightful inheritance as his children.

Troubles, sorrows and challenges conspire against all of us to crush our souls and diminish our lives. I use to allow those things to steal away the beautiful life God designed for me. Any of these weighing you down?

  • Financial troubles

  • Chronic illness and serious diseases

  • Job loss

  • Divorce or death

  • Family conflict


Everyone has stuff but we do not have to allow that stuff to determine our level of peace and joy. 

I needed to be reminded of who I am in Christ and learn how to take back the parts of my spiritual inheritance  that life had stolen from me. I say this as a sister who had to clamber her way up out of a pretty deep pit. 

God wants to shift us from stressed out to calm.

He wants to transform us  from worried and fearful to wise and strong. 

He wants to teach us how to stop accepting the chaos of culture and become a force for truth and beauty.

And what qualifies me to help you with all this?

I’ve been partnering with God and other  believers for decades to learn how to overcome my natural inner “Eeyore” (the gloomy donkey in Winnie the Pooh). God transformed me from chronically depressed and fearful to  upbeat and peaceful . He used life's trials as  my school room. He longs to do the same for you!

God can recycle the most awful situations for our good and his glory if we will let him.

Here's some other bits you might like to know about me. 

I’ve enjoyed creating order and beauty since I was a kid working in my family’s floral shop.

Behind every job door that God opened for me,  was a mess my predecessor left behind. Sometimes literal piles of garbage. God helped me to restore peace and order and I enjoyed the process. 

My war to hold onto peace has been fought on battlefields of chronic illness, depression, financial setbacks, job loss, deaths of loved ones and life’s general troubles. God showed me how to keep the gospel of peace  strapped firmly on my feet more consistently.


I’ve lived enough decades to recognize how easy it is to give up our riches in Christ and settle for a diminished life.

I'm so glad you landed here where you can join me and others who seek peace and beauty in a chaotic world. 

I am a writer, wife, mother, and Nana who enjoyed several career paths as a minister of music, floral designer, and a high school Vocal Music and English teacher.   I love studying God's Word, writing, gardening, reading, and leaving a wake of order and beauty behind me wherever I go. 

This website was created to teach and encourage you how to find and hold onto peace and then share it wherever you go.

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