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Restoring Peace Through Salt and Light

Reclaiming Our Role as Peacemakers In Society

“Christians don’t belong in the dirty world of politics.” "No self-respecting Christian can work in Hollywood."  During my growing up years, I heard these thoughts and others like them about all the places Christians should avoid in society. And I believed it. It was foolish then and it’s foolish now.  For many years, my involvement in politics was limited to voting and dinner discussions about Washington D. C’s latest version of crazy.  Millions of Christians like me allowed the worlds of government, the marketplace, entertainment, education and more to be overrun with people who do not respect Biblical values. We are living in the mess that this created. That’s on us as God followers. The day of the

uninvolved Christian must end. May the articles on this page inspire you to show up, speak up and stand up wherever God calls you to splash your salt, share your peace, and shine your light.

For the sake of our children.

When Did Standing for Life Become a Political Statement?

In high school, a girl I knew casually disappeared from life for three weeks. It happened during the school year, not a holiday or summer vacation. She vanished from the cafeteria at lunch, the classes I shared with her and Friday night football games. When I asked her close friends what happened to her, they stuttered through vague answers landing on, “She went to stay with her aunt for a few weeks.” Huh? Why? No answers for that question.

When the missing girl returned to school, everyone who knew her saw a change. She left bubbly  and talkative and returned quiet and withdrawn. Then, one of her closer friends couldn’t hold onto the secret anymore. This poor sweetie experienced an abortion, at her parents’ insistence.

Roe versus Wade hadn’t happened yet. Abortions were not legal in my state, but they were in her aunt’s.


My classmate was part of a youth group and a faithful attender of a local, evangelical church, a sister church to my own. I always wondered if anyone from that body of believers loved on her, talked to her, or prayed with her? I hope so, but I don’t know. At that time, most Christians only whispered about abortion.

Here we are decades later, and abortion is still rarely spoken about openly in the church, especially from pulpits. My husband Ken serves as the liaison between our state’s Right to Life organization and pastors and churches. Here’s a sampling from recent conversations with pastors.

“Oh, I can’t talk about abortion from the pulpit. It’s too political.”

“People threatened to hold back their tithe if I talk about pro-life stuff from the pulpit.”

“I took a stand against abortion and people left the church.”

It is rare to find a pastor who is prolife and speaks boldly about it in their church. Ken’s passion is to resource and encourage pastors to be courageous and lead by example. To teach their congregations how to stand up and protect life, all life.

My governor militantly supports abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy plus she is advocating for the termination of unwanted infants outside of the womb. Currently, our state’s abortion laws are some of the most liberal in the nation. Ken and his coworkers fight front line battles every day to defend the sanctity of life.

So, when pastors are too terrified, intimidated or misinformed to stand with pro-life organizations, and unwilling to teach their congregations Biblical, practical ways to do that, Houston, we’ve got a problem.

So, that brings me to my question.

When did standing up for life become

a political statement?

I believe that shift happened when Satan cleverly maneuvered the abortion issue into the political arena through Roe versus Wade. Before that, it was strictly a moral issue, not that churches talked about it much anyway. Before 1973, the abortion industry was secretive and dangerous, only spoken about in whispers.

Since it was illegal in most states, women determined to end a life growing inside of them struggled to find their way to underground abortion providers. Man of these “doctors” were often unqualified and unsafe anyway. Some women died from the injuries of a botched “pregnancy termination,” and many carry permanent scars, unable to ever become pregnant again.

Enter feminist activists like Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug who declared that safe abortion should be a right for every woman, nothing to be ashamed of. When the Supreme Court made their decision to legalize abortion it became a booming industry, passionately supported by liberals in government. People who supported life in the womb became known as “anti-abortion” activists.


See what they did there?

Abortion supporters cast themselves as those motivated by true compassion for women's rights. Pro-life folks became known as the villains trying to

ruin women's lives.

As someone who lived through all the stages of abortion transitioning from a shameful, underground practice to a booming, legal industry, I noticed that Christian, pro-life voices stayed a small minority in the public arena. Not until I was in my thirties, with my husband as my senior pastor, did I hear abortion preached about from a pulpit. He was considered a radical by other area pastors and advised he needed to “watch himself with that stuff.” Good grief.

Here we are decades later, and Satan’s intimidation tactics are still keeping pastors from speaking about this sin boldly. Yes, sin. Abortion is murder.

So, what can you do? Pray for your pastors to be filled with courage and wisdom to speak the truth. Ask your leadership to allow speakers from pro-life affiliates in your area to share updates and prayer concerns with your congregation.


We, as a country, have entered a time when Christians will need to make hard choices about the churches and pastors they choose to support with their attendance and tithes. Honestly, I think God has had it with the inroads that Babylonian (worldly) thinking has made into the modern church.


Judgement and exposure are rolling out in the house of God, based on many news reports I see from all over the country. Pastors with secret lives and sins are being exposed. Those churches and pastors who stand with the world and a women’s “right” to murder her unborn child are in grave danger whether they understand that or not. God will not continue to tolerate the murder of the unborn.

As individuals, regardless of what choices our church makes, God will hold each of us accountable as to what we did to stand for the sanctity of all life.


Find your local pro-life organizations and ask God what your role is in the fight for life. It may be prayer, financial support, or something more. In my state, a bill to legalize assisted suicide is but a vote (which will most likely pass) away from becoming legislation. Our governor will surely sign it. In some provinces of Canada where this is already legal, people with debilitating and life-threatening illnesses are offered pills to end their lives. We are already receiving stories from Canada of insurance companies refusing to cover treatments for serious illnesses but willing to pay for suicide drugs.

Pastors and laypeople alike, we must awaken to the knowledge that our country is where it is because the body of Christ has allowed it. In our efforts to stay away from “the dirty world of politics,” we have allowed the enemy’s causes to advance at alarming rates. How long will we stay silent, fearful of offending, fearful of causing strain in relationships?

To end, I’d like to share a story my husband recently heard firsthand from a bold pastor, author and filmmaker named Lucas Miles, pastor of NFluence Church in Granger Indiana. When Pastor Lucas was new to his church, he began to speak powerfully about “political” issues including abortion. The church of 500 members shrunk by half. Then, an extraordinary thing happened. People heard about this courageous pastor and started joining the church, first in trickles then in rivers. The church now has 3,000 members.

It may cost you to start “getting political” about abortion. I pray God will give you, and your pastor, courage, faith, and tenacity to stand up anyway.

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A Clean Up Challenge for Christians


Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” Founding Father of America John Jay  

Can we retire the phrase, “Separation of Church and State” from our conversations about Christians in politics?  Did you know that phrase doesn’t exist in the U.S. Constitution? What our founding fathers did say, in the First Amendment, was that they wanted the government they created to keep its mitts off free expression of religion.   

The founding fathers feared the government could mess up churches, not the other way around. They fled England because of a government that controlled religion.


Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase, “The Separation of Church and State," in a letter to a constituent who was concerned about the government over-reach into houses of worship. Years later  the phrase was taken wildly out of context and it quickly became a chant for anti-god forces. (Read the second linked article below for more detail on the history.) It’s used to block righteous people from bringing their faith into the government and other public institutions like schools.

What amazes me is how this phrase caught on in the body of Christ and became a thing.  

Read the First Amendment and the articles I’ve linked to at the end of this one which deal with the issue of church and state in the constitution and see for yourself. 

May I suggest a different angle for discussions about politics? How about believers stop complaining about dirty politics and politicians and get involved in clean up missions?  Isn’t it our job as the salt and light on this fallen planet to purify and enlighten?  

If politics and government are corrupt then we in the church must take some responsibility We drifted away from the hearts of the founding fathers represented by John Jay’s quote at the top of this article. More importantly, we drifted from God’s design for government and allowed man’s invention, politics, to become master over our systems of order and law.  

Look around, dear ones. We have allowed the godless to dominate the pillars of our society. Think about who runs the world of business, sports, entertainment, media, education, and government. These kingdoms are overrun with immorality, worldly philosophies, and foolishness, but I don’t think we are too late. 

I believe God’s mercy has kept my country and others from completely going over the cliffs. He patiently waits for believers to listen and obey the calls he is placing on people's lives to become involved. God desires to humble the wicked and exalt the righteous into authority during these last days.  

The LORD supports the humble, but he brings the wicked down into the dust, Psalm 147: 6 NLT. 

There are many ways we can start cleaning up governmental messes. Everyone must listen to God’s voice for their specific directions. We cannot all fight on all fronts but if all of us were fighting on one front…well, it’s not hard to imagine how different our world might be.  

I list some suggestions in the next article for ways you can become involved. Check it out. God might be calling YOU to show up and step up.


Constitutional Expert on "Separation of Church and State"- great piece by a Standford Law Professor 

Separation of Church and State- What Does the Constitution Actually Say?- older article but great recap on the history of this notion about keeping religion out of government. 

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